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  5. Photographer Captures Heartbreaking Images of What It’s Like to Dive in an Ocean of Plastic

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Think about your typical day. How much plastic disposable plastic do you use? Maybe you grab a water bottle or juice in the morning, get a plastic to-go container for lunch, and somehow college a few straws and plastic bags along the way. Chances are you encounter disposable plastics at least a few times a day and don’t give it much thought, but maybe you should.

There are currently 270,000 tons of plastic debris floating on the surface of the world’s oceans. Sadly, when you throw away all those bits of plastic throughout the day, that’s where they end up. Not only does this mean that our oceans are riddled with garbages, but also that all the marine species who call the oceans home are endangered by our pollution. An estimated 700 marine species are in danger of extinction due to the threat plastic poses in the form of entanglement, ingestion, and general pollution.