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61 – 3300 Chatham Street, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada V7E 3K1
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Phone: +16042143591

The Ocean Legacy Foundation has a primary mandate to research, educate and demonstrate the socio-economic and environmental benefits produced by managing plastic material streams that are treated as part of our Plastic Pollution Emergency Response™ Program. These objectives will be undertaken using environmentally sustainable Best- Practice strategies with proven technologies that are available to The Ocean Legacy Foundation.

Our long term vision is to assist local and international communities that do not have the necessary provisions to develop tools such as long term education, shoreline clean-up efforts and plastic to fuel technologies. All parts of our global community must be considered and included in an international remediation strategy if current rehabilitation efforts are to be effective and succeed. We are dedicated to co-creating an Ocean Legacy that supports healthy living ecosystems for present and future generations. Adopting educational and clean-up efforts as well as innovative technologies is one solution that will create positive long-term changes to ensure an enormous percentage of current waste plastics are processed on land and diverted from shoreline and ocean water ecosystems.

The Ocean Legacy Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Certificate of Incorporation
907885-1 / Federally incorporated non-profit

BC Society number:&nbsp XS-0063679